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Beijing Ao Wei Lan garment and adornment Co., Ltd. Brand
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Beijing Ovillan Garment Co., Ltd. is now operating Italian brand "Ninolia" men's clothing products. In 1997, the company was authorized by Magnolia Leather Co., Ltd., a trademark copyright owner of "Ninolia" as the sole general agent of "Ninolia" men's clothing products in mainland China and Hong Kong. "Br />" Ninolia is a high-end men's professional leisure clothing brand, originated from the classic and fashion capital - Italy. < br /> < br /> Ninolia clothing not only maintained the classic, elegant style, but also added fashion elements. After entering the Chinese market, "Ninolia" clothing pays more attention to men's clothing. Details of the design, design style is not simply limited to the two distinct boundaries of the trend tradition, but according to popular trends, social conditions and other elements, targeted to launch a series of men's clothing products suitable for Asian men's figure. "Ninolia" brand men's clothes have been developed suits, casual wear, trousers, T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, sweaters, sweaters, leather clothes, mid-floor, coats, ties, belts, mercerized gentleman's socks, jackets, and other varieties, the price is in the middle and high-end, suitable for the tastes and needs of successful people of all ages.

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