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Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; personalized T-shirt customization / personalized lovers T-shirt customization game T-shirt / DIY parent-child T-shirt / Idol photo T-shirt / creative personalized T-shirt < br /> personalized T-shirt customization wholesaler, cultural shirt printing T-shirt manufacturer < br /> company under the design company, clothing factory, printing plant. From design, clothing to printing, each process is carefully constructed by our company. Relying on their strong design innovation ability, we constantly launch personalized creative products.
Qingrong clothing  : to provide you with the best personalized T-shirt customization program, cultural shirt printing program; personalized T-shirt customization / animation T-shirt production / & nbsp; personalized lovers T-shirt / customized game T-shirt / DIY parent-child T-shirt / Idol photo T-shirt / creative personalized T-shirt / & nbsp social organizations; Group logo T-shirt / Olympic commemorative T-shirt / company cultural shirt / promotional shirt / graduation commemorative shirt. < br /> & nbsp; high quality T-shirt < br /> Short sleeve T-shirt used in our shop is 100% pure cotton, high quality combed, fine fabric, moderate thickness, excellent workmanship. There are 120 g/140 g/180 g/200 g/220 g cotton yarn tailor-made
size and height:
S: length 65 cm, chest 44. Reference height: suitable for 160-168cm.
M: clothing length 67cm, chest circumference 48CM. Reference height: suitable for 165-170cm.
L: coat length 68cm, chest circumference 50  cm. Reference height: suitable for 170cm.
XL: coat length 70cm, chest circumference 52  cm. Reference height: suitable for 170--175cm around
XXL: length 72cm, chest circumference 54  cm. Reference height: suitable for 175cm around
XXXL: length 74cm, chest circumference 56  cm. Reference height: suitable for 175-180cm < br /> professional printers < br /> only using environmentally friendly waterborne paste, thermosetting ink, high-precision laser printing process. The pattern is soft and permeable, natural, long washing without cracks, non-fading, high-precision expression, overcome the other printing process fading, stiff, cracks and other shortcomings. The effect is far from ordinary workshops. Free pattern < br /> There is no restriction on the color of the pattern < br /> as long as it is a favorite picture, photograph, the design of their own works can be produced for our shop. Br < br /> can retain the privacy of the work at the request of customers, please be assured that the design you have customized is unique! < br /> The maximum size of the stamping pattern is: A4 paper size (21 * 29.7 cm) < br /> customized A4 surface pattern size needs to be around 800 * 600 or above (the bigger the better) < br /> Delivery. Time < br /> 500 pieces below 1-5 days, 1000 pieces above 3-10 days, 10 pieces below 1-2 days (except special colors and styles) < br /> styles / sizes / colors: men and women with the same model, no V collar < br /> can be customized to drawings, up to 10,000 pieces of rapid delivery (10 pieces below only white, pink and other light T-shirts made!) < br /> price: because of customized quantity, price Printing content, clothes grade is different, the cost varies greatly, please according to the specific customized product inquiry price < br /> the smallest color difference < br /> due to different computer display pixels and contrast caused by the visual difference between the picture and the object, belongs to the normal situation.
of course, we will try our best to control the chromatic aberration to a minimum. The role of personalized T-shirts < br /> nbsp; various charity, charity shows, or other media activities < br /> & nbsp; various group activities organized by teams, schools or companies to commemorate < br /> & nbsp; birthday, graduation ceremony, family gatherings and other celebrations to commemorate < br /> & nbsp; star fans, game shirts < br /> & nbsp; Best gifts and commemorations for friends
T-shirt maintenance
normal hand washing can be, as far as possible do not rub the surface of the pattern, the surface of the pattern is generally not easy to adhere to dirt < br/> as far as possible do not contain bleach detergent washing < br/> as possible do not soak the T-shirt for a long time < br/> as far as possible do not use the washing machine washing Turn the pattern upside down to wash.
After washing, it is better not to use the washing machine to throw dry, to dry naturally.
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