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Hangzhou ancient Xiu dress Brand
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Hangzhou ancient Xiu Clothing Co., Ltd. is a clothing company specializing in the production of fashionable women's clothing. Founded in 1999, clothing wholesale and retail, franchised stores mainly. Since its inception, "Guxiu" has always adhered to the "quality-oriented, brand image" principle, creating a new world in the women's wear brand industry. The "Puxiu" women's wear brand series operated by the company is highly praised by customers all over the country and favored by women because of its unique design and excellent quality. "Simple but not simple, comfortable contains fashion". Br < br /> < br /> company in the form of alliance in the national development of agents and stores, gradually set up their own brand marketing network, now has more than 20 provincial agents, in a number of large shopping malls set up counters, welcome customers to join the country.
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Contact:   Mr. Xu
Addr:   China  China  No. 525, Deng Yun Road, Hangzhou