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China. Xi'an preview Clothing Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The Italian brand ATTOPRIMO is dedicated to the design, production, sales and promotion of women's clothing brands in the domestic market. The headquarters of the company consists of General Manager's Office, Administration Department, Personnel Department, Production Department, Marketing Department, Sales Department, Finance Department, Logistics Department, Planning Department, Design Center, Distribution Center, Information Center, Shenzhen Office and Women's Wear Weekly Magazine. To ensure that franchisees zero risk investment, and get a substantial return. "Prelude" brand women's clothes by Italy and the Mainland famous designer joint design, including Western style, selected Italian fabrics, meticulous and thoughtful workmanship, clear personalized design, so that the prelude in the clothing industry enjoys a high reputation in China's land blowing a warm "prelude" wind. The company develops fashionable and generous individual fashionable women's clothes for white-collar workers aged 25-40. The price is set between 98-1500. The prelude has invested more than 40 million yuan since the birth of the brand. The prologue will face all levels of senior professional women with high starting point and high-tech content, and at the same time take into account the domestic and foreign market awareness, eventually occupy a certain share of the domestic market, will become the world's attention international women's brand.
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Addr:   China  China  3 floor, Jin Xin International Building, No. 99 Heping Road, Xi'an.