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POLOPA is the first professional manufacturer of disaster emergency products in China. In 2010, POLOPA involved in the field of emergency products trade; in 2011, through the environmental impact assessment acceptance, the manufacturing plant officially located in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone. At present, the company has 36 R&D engineers and 100% junior college graduates. It has established one R&D base, two assembly factories and 18 ODM supporting factories in China. Its emergency self-rescue products are sold in 22 provinces in China. It has set up after-sales network in 10 cities such as Fuzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu and Suzhou, and its products are exported to China. 7 overseas countries such as Poe, Nigeria and Malaysia. Shanghai Beiyou Safety Technology takes "fear of life, care for life" as its core, combines disaster self-rescue products with safety education, combines fire drilling equipment with tailor-made manufacturing, and combines technology with industry innovation to provide the overall solution and undertaking of fire escape self-rescue drill and earthquake safety evacuation drill. Design and manufacture the hardware, software and process of the related self rescue products. POLOPA designs and manufactures preventable, controllable, reliable and expandable emergency self-rescue products to help customers achieve peacetime emergency and disaster self-rescue, fundamentally break the weak sense of disaster prevention and mitigation, curb the evil situation of minor disasters and major losses, so that customers can implement safety precautions simultaneously and smoothly. Through safety production assessment. The main business of Shanghai Beiyou is as follows: 1. Emergency self-help kit series, which is divided into family emergency kit, earthquake emergency kit, vehicle emergency kit, emergency rescue kit and so on according to the actual needs of employees'welfare and the public's home emergency self-help. Level 2, Civil Defense Emergency Box Series, according to the actual needs of emergencies, fire fighting, anti-virus, first aid and so on, is divided into: Civil Defense Emergency Box, Community Emergency Box, School Emergency Box, Office Self-rescue Box, etc., using POLOPA company's professional first aid product development experience, to build a 360 degree security wall for the city; 3, fire drill program; And props production, according to the actual needs of fire escape drills, earthquake safety evacuation drills, to help customers design the drill process, the production of drill subjects required props, the old, rigid security drills into competitive activities, to achieve "simulation" disaster, "real" drills. With the support and promotion of the government of Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone, Beiyou has made every effort to construct a disaster self-rescue industrial chain, which can be called the "umbrella" when disaster is helpless, helping mankind to "meet emergency, disaster self-rescue, disaster mitigation and prevention, have health"; and has always been specialized in the research and development and manufacture of disaster self-rescue products, providing customers with the whole party. A full system security protection solution, and customized products for customers through technical advantages. POLOPA will help people "don't be afraid" as the company's business philosophy and brand commitment, as a life science and technology as the core of the company, Premium through open innovation, excellent operation management, human resources development strategy implementation, comprehensive structure of the company's core competitiveness, create customer and social value, thereby Realize the value of technology.
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Contact:   Yao Chung Zhen
Addr:       Shanghai Shanghai Jinshan Shanghai Jinshan District Industrial Zone No. 89 Tong Ye Road