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Wuhan Xue Ge Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Wuhan Xuebe Textile Co., Ltd. is a new type of bamboo fiber textile enterprise which integrates R&D, production and marketing. Since its inception in 2009, the company adheres to the development path of "inline and outward introduction, technological innovation, brand building". After several years of efforts, it has two major brands of "Hancai green bamboo" and "Baby Kang". The products include bamboo fiber towels, handkerchiefs, square towels, face towels, beauty towels, skin towels, bath towels, sports towels, bath towels, bath towels, etc. Towel, pillow and other varieties, and strive to become a leader in the bamboo fiber industry. Wuhan Xue Ge Textile Co., Ltd. is an authorized enterprise registered by relevant state departments. Wuhan Xue D Textile Co., Ltd. has established long-term cooperation with many enterprises with reasonable price and excellent service. Wuhan Xue Ge Textile Co., Ltd. warmly welcome all walks of life to visit, investigate and negotiate business. Bamboo fiber ecological textiles, naturalism new fashion, bamboo fiber ecological textiles, natural bamboo as raw materials, extracted from bamboo "bamboo cellulose", refined from high-tech, with soft and smooth, antibacterial deodorization, moisture absorption and permeability, anti-ultraviolet radiation and other excellent effects. The series of eco-textiles made of bamboo fiber not only has high technology content and high added value, but also conforms to the latest fashion trend. It has become a new favorite of modern household concept. It is a real eco-friendly health product and is praised as the most promising green industry in the 21st century. In July 2009, the company launched a high-tech bamboo fiber brand "Hancai green bamboo" with high taste and high added value, and fully promoted the world's leading terminal operation management system. And relying on Zhejiang Anji in the country's bamboo products processing, bamboo products distribution, bamboo products research and development, bamboo industry training and other four centers and China's Dazhuhai, the world's largest bamboo reserves of unique resource advantages, and tap the depth of Chinese bamboo culture for thousands of years, launched a series of high-quality bamboo fiber products.
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Contact:   Yin and GE
Addr:       No. 95 Han Road, Caidian District, Caidian District, Wuhan, Hubei