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Tai Bo new composite material Co., Ltd. Brand
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Taizhou Taibo New Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is one of the large enterprises specializing in the production and sale of glass fiber products, glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles, PVC and its composites in China. The company is located in Jiangyan District, an industrial city with great vitality and development potential in the Yangtze River Delta. The company's leading products include alkali-free glass fiber roving series products, felt series products, electronic cloth, multi-axial fabric, plaid, chopped fiber, transparent board, anti-corrosion board, rubber clothing board, other profiles, pipe fittings, PVC profiles, composite seam felt and many other varieties of different specifications. The product market layout covers more than 30 cities in China and Southeast Asia, Europe and many other countries and regions. The goal of technology development is to synchronize with the world. Thailand insists on scientific management concept and technology and talent as the basis for research and development. Over the years, the company has been cooperating with well-known research institutions and institutions at home and abroad, the company introduced the latest level of the United States extrusion and drawing profiles, PVC resin profiles and short production line, automatic computer control and monitoring technology. At present, the products have been serialized, diversified and standardized. Survive by quality and develop with quality. Thai Bo people's concept, Thai Bo has received a number of honorary certifications: ISO 9001 quality system certification, the United States International Lloyd Classification Society certification, as well as national security and environmental departments certification.
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Contact:   Mr. Wu
Addr:       Oriental Pearl, Jiangyan, Taizhou, Jiangsu