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Foshan footprint shoe industry Co., Ltd. (Dr. Jiang Dr.Kong) Brand
Business Model

Dr. &ldquo is a specialist shop in Hongkong; there are forty-two chain stores and a clinic in the city. It was a famous brand in Hong Kong in 2006, with annual sales of more than 4 million Hong Kong dollars per 40 square metres of single stores. The company's sales in Hong Kong last year amounted to 150 million Hong Kong dollars, which is well known in Hong Kong. The company has broken through the Red Sea and created a blue sea strategy for shoe sales: children, women, and the elderly wearing the brand can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys of Hong Kong.

After 07 years in May, the company entered the domestic market in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and even opened seven stores. The brand's presence in the domestic market is Kids'Shoes and this is their strength. Since early May 2007, the brand has opened special stores in Guangzhou Tianhe Chengji Island Department Store, Guangzhou Zhengjia Plaza, Shanghai Nanjing Road New World Department Store, Guangzhou Zhonghua Plaza Jizhi Island Department Store, Guangdong Nanhai Plaza, Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui Zhengda Department Store, etc.

Dr. Kong set up his own special store to “ Check & Fit & rdquo; test foot mat service, deep into the public's heart, the brand's “ before buying shoes, a priori foot affects the public's shoe culture, and is recognized by the industry. Since its inception, the number of members has reached 280,000 in seven years, an annual increase of about 30%; 67% of the turnover comes from old customers.

Uniform shoes have been selected by a number of public and private institutions, including Hong Kong Post, Food and Environmental Services Department, Discipline Forces and other public institutions, as well as Dragon Airlines, Macao Airlines, HSBC, First Pacific Davis and so on.

In 2005, about 2.1% of the total sales were made up of propaganda resources, a considerable part of which was related to the promotion of foot and spine health knowledge, the importance of foot care, and the need for foot care. Dr. Kong & rdquo; and set up ” foot and spine health education group ” members, including orthopedists and physiotherapists, shoulder the responsibility of educating the public and paying attention to foot and spine health; has promoted foot and spine care in 500 schools, 100 elderly centers, occupational safety bureau, medical administration, women's centers, community centers, newspapers and magazines.

Dr. Kong & rdquo; efforts have been professionally recognized and recognized as members of the Pedorthic Footwear Association. “ Dr. Kong” the products have been sold to Japan, and the business volume has increased by 30% annually. In collaboration with mdash piedro, a famous Dutch shoe company with a history of 47 years, a shop in the UK was set up.

In terms of business characteristics, & ldquo; Dr. Kong & rdquo; is a concept of professional & ldquo; Check & Fit & rdquo; service popularization, advocate & ldquo; before buying shoes, a priori foot & rdquo; has a special person to explain the foot situation, to teach the choice of appropriate healthy shoes, so that guests feel comfortable and healthy.

Dr. Kong & rdquo; concerns and advocates the health elements of shoes, through media interviews and the establishment of ” foot and spine health education group ” to educate the public to pay attention to the importance of foot and spine health, but also to promote the health requirements of the industry as a whole.

Innovative ideas: & ldquo; Dr. Kong & rdquo; pioneer & ldquo; test foot pads, shoe culture & rdquo; design healthy children's shoes for different children's feet, and take the lead in advocating & ldquo; shoes should have waist bone & mdash; stereotyped midsole & rdquo; become a shoe pioneer. Before the advent of healthy shoes, people needed to go to clinics for professional foot examinations in case of foot pain. Few people knew the relationship between foot pain and shoes. On the other hand, buying shoes in shoe shops was almost self-service, with emphasis on style. Dr. Kong & rdquo; set up a health shoe store, combining professional foot inspection with general shoe store service to create & rdquo; Check & Fit & rdquo; shoe culture.

Dr. Kong & rdquo took the lead in adopting innovative business strategies: positioning the product as a health care product for all ages, pricing popularization, marketing network throughout the community; publicity strategies focus on educating the public to pay attention to foot health, stimulate the public's foot care needs.

The function of children's shoes has been tested by professional institutions, including Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, National Yangming University of Taiwan, etc. Some studies have shown that wearing healthy children's shoes can help to relieve plantar pressure and keep the heel bones unfixed, thereby reducing joint strain. Dr. Kong & rdquo; and entrusted the university to test the function of different range insoles; the results can be used as a benchmark for the future industry.

In 2005-06, the company won the honor of & rdquo; Business Exhibition Care & rdquo; Symbol & rdquo; Intentional Enterprise & rdquo; in Hong Kong is a great honor, which marks & ldquo; a commercial enterprise can be recognized by the people for its charitable and public welfare nature.

Dr. Kong Holdings Limited's subsidiary, Footprint Shoes Limited, began to enter the inland market in May 2007 to promote the business of Dr. Kong Health Shoes in China's inland, adhering to “ let foot health into every home ” the purpose has been set up in Guangzhou, Shanghai branch stores, dedicated to foot health. Promote to every family. At the same time, its professional medical shoes products are dedicated to the special needs of special children.

Dr. Kong actively promotes chain franchise business in China, adhering to the Hong Kong Successful Concept Store business model, combining the successful operation experience and data in the mainland, developing innovative business procedures to assist retailers in sales management to maximize profits. Dr. Kong promises to work closely with retailers to respond quickly to their needs and help them develop their businesses.

Together, let's use the power of chains to create the joy of intertwining health and happiness for more families! < / P >

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