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Shenzhen Yimailong Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is a die-cutting processing as the main body, professional sales and service as the fundamental processing factory. In line with the business philosophy of "Sincerity-oriented, sustainable development, customer-oriented, mutually beneficial interaction", we serve electronics, electrical appliances, communications products, power transformers, telephone sets, mobile phones, computer peripherals, accessories, LED, lighting, furniture, machinery, toys, hardware, plastic, craft, wood products, glass Cosmetics, gifts, household appliances, speakers, computers, digital, medical and automotive industries. In the introduction of high precision die-cutting processing equipment to ensure the quality of product processing at the same time, the company has been committed to providing customers with comprehensive and detailed product solutions. The company's main products: double-sided adhesive, adhesive paper, shock-proof foam materials, EMI materials, insulation conductive materials, dust-proof filter materials, conductive copper foil, conductive aluminum foil, conductive foam, conductive sponge, conductive cloth, acetic acid cloth, copper foil tape, copper foil mailla, PORON pad, CR foam pad, SBR pad, resilient adhesive, fire-proof EVA, anti-foam Electrostatic EVA, EVA pad, foam pad, fire-proof sponge, anti-static sponge, rubber-plastic sponge, sponge pad, 3M non-slip self-adhesive pad, transparent foot pad, transparent rubber pad, PU pad, rubber pad, silica gel pad, wool felt, non-woven fabric, flannel pad, PE bottle cap pad, PS bottle cap pad, air permeable pad, aluminum foil pad, non-drying rubber pad, silicone pad , PET, PP, PC, PVC pad, highland barley paper, fast paper, kraft paper, insulating paper, etc. Our company is a professional manufacturer of die-cutting, punching, hot pressing, laminating, gluing, splitting, splitting and laminating. There are complete production equipment, whether it is a large number of tight orders or small batch, variety of orders, we can meet the needs of customers. Can be produced according to customer samples and drawings, can quickly and timely solve the customer's worries, in good faith to provide customers with low-cost products. Our goal is to make common progress and common development with your support. Our commitment is to provide customers with high quality products with the lowest cost and accurate delivery. Our expectation is - welcome your inquiry at any time, and hope to have a long-term cooperation with your company! We will take "high-quality products, reasonable prices, perfect service" as our business purpose, with the new and old customers'needs as the goal, to meet the needs of the 21st century and strive to expand market share, sincerely hope Get your support and become your colleagues'partners, we will return to you with the best quality and most enthusiastic service attitude, eager to call and inquire.
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Contact:   Zeng Ling Ping
Addr:       Guangdong Shenzhen Longgang District Buji, Bantian, Yang Mei, Jin Zhu Jin Long Industrial Zone.