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Shenzhen Mingrui Insulating Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech new material processing and manufacturing enterprise, specializing in mobile phones, electronics, electrical appliances, computer peripherals, mobile phones, backlight modules, power supplies, projectors, voltage modules, optoelectronics, networks, information terminals, electrical insulation, automobiles, communications equipment and many other industries Specializing in the production of supporting accessories products. It is a leader in the design and development of new materials for modern electronic applications. It is a high-tech enterprise that solves the problems of insulation, shock proof, sound absorption, dust proof, heat dissipation, EMI/RFI shielding, ESD and high temperature proof. The industries involved include: electronics, electrical appliances, batteries, mobile phones, computers, backlight modules, power supplies, LCD, PDP, displays, TV sets, digital cameras, cameras, automobiles, air conditioning, audio, DVD, CD-R, NOTEBOOK, scanners, instruments, telephones, PM4, radio, duplicators, fax machines, etc. Household appliances and other products. The relevant materials for processing die cutting are: One: Foaming products: EVA resilient high foam, sponge, PE foam, PORON, SBR, cocoa root customer requirements made into liner packaging boxes, self-adhesive gaskets, foot bottle liner gaskets and other products. 2. Insulation materials: PVC / PET / PC, Express Paper, highland kraft paper, FORMEX NOMEX, graphite sheet, mica sheet, bakelite fiberboard, Teflon. According to the drawings required by customers, various self-adhesive electronic battery separators, gaskets, foot pads PVC pads, highland paper pads, Honggang paper pads, Express Paper pads, separators, etc. Goods. 3: Silicone rubber products: rubber pads, rubber sheets, silicone pads, and all kinds of self-adhesive special-shaped foot pads, rubber parts, and thermal conductive products Fourth, fiber cloth, magic paste, aluminum foil, copper foil, astigmatic paper, flannel cloth, can be made according to customer requirements of all kinds of stickers, gaskets, dish flannel cloth and other products. 5: Double-sided adhesive: 3M Ridong, Sony adhesive, and other world-famous double-sided adhesive processing molding electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phone special adhesive, conductive adhesive, 3M double-sided adhesive, super double-sided adhesive, silicone adhesive, magic paste, NITTO DENKO, SONY, TESA and other special adhesive Six: Electronic accessories: mobile phone LCD foam, shell material double-sided paste, handset dust screen, high-temperature insulation glue, conductive foam, conductive cloth, and so on. Seven: stationery: the company can make all kinds of color and shape of the white board. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen Longgang District Bantian Street on the snow village Jihua Road 408, Shenzhen Mingrui Insulation Technology Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system. Shenzhen Mingrui Insulation Materials Technology Co., Ltd. integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all circles to visit, guide and negotiate business with Shenzhen Ming Rui insulation Mstar Technology Ltd.
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