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Wuxi Jiushuo Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Factory is a professional manufacturer of high cycle plastic welding machine, which integrates production, research and development, and sales. The main products are: high frequency (high frequency) plastic welding machine, high frequency induction heating equipment. Various models of 2.8KW-200KW can be selected by customers, and special specifications of high frequency equipment can be customized according to customer requirements. The 2.8KW-200KW pyrolysis machine is controlled by computer chip. Its advantages are anti-fire, anti-interference and power saving. It can completely avoid the damage of raw materials and molds caused by the fire in use. The new product has been well received by users since its launch in early 2003. Our factory has a strong R&D team, strong production capacity, equipment are using the most advanced imported electronic components and raw materials, products with a large output, stable performance, safe and efficient operation and other advantages. The company's equipment mainly for PVC, TPU, EVA, PET, PU or containing PVC more than 10% of any hard and soft rubber leather and leather or cloth and other plastic materials, heat bonding, welding, embossing; Products are widely used in shoes and clothing processing industry, inflatable toys industry, medical supplies industry, automotive interior decoration industry, industrial products industry and plastic packaging industry. Industry and so on. The company can also design and produce a variety of non-standard equipment according to the needs of customers, mainly for different product needs to design more ideal automation equipment. In the shoes and clothing processing industry, mainly for the production of clothing embossing machine, high-frequency embossing machine, leather embossing machine, leather indentation machine, silicon licon embossing machine, high-cycle embossing machine, vamp embossing machine, etc. Inflatable toy industry mainly produces life jacket hot-closure, PVC floating hot-closure, inflatable ship hot-closure, inflatable bed hot-closure machine, water bed, water bed, air bed, air-filled toy industry. Bedsore mattress, inflatable pillow thermo-closure, inflatable mattress thermo-closure, etc. In the plastic packaging industry is mainly suitable for suction foam shell sealing machine, double-sided foam shell thermo-closure machine, high frequency fuse, high cycle fuse machine, PVC foam shell thermo-closure machine, suction cardboard sealing machine, etc. Automobile interior decoration industry is mainly suitable for automotive door panel thermo-closure machine, sun-shading machine. In the medical supplies industry, it is used in the drainage bag thermocouple, blood bag thermocouple, medicine bag thermocouple, infusion bag thermocouple, urine bag thermocouple, identification belt thermocouple, blood pressure bag thermocouple and automatic high cycle medical bag thermocouple. The industry is suitable for carpet thermocouple, PVC door mattress thermocouple, membrane structure welding machine, soft film ceiling thermocouple, hot water bag thermocouple, Xuyu mattress leather indenter, PVC ice mattress thermocouple, PVC foot mattress welding machine, carpet press, electric thermocouple, raincoat thermocouple, underwear welding machine, PVC pool thermocouple, medical treatment. Mattress thermocouple, PVC folding machine, PVC mattress thermocouple, PVC thermocouple, PVC welding machine, PVC plastic thermocouple, PVC plastic welding machine, TPU thermocouple, TPU welding machine, etc. At the same time, we can also design the main high-frequency mold, high-frequency mold, plastic foam shell sealing mold, high-frequency fusing mold, high-frequency fusing mold, embossing mold and so on according to the customer's sample requirements, truly achieve one-stop service for customers. Wuxi City long Shuo mechanical and electrical equipment factory operation purpose is "quality first, reputation first, customer first". The product design ability is strong, the technical force is abundant, the product implements "Three Guarantees". Products can be customized according to user requirements, and contract equipment installation, commissioning and technical training services. Invites the new and old users throughout the country to guide the exchange, the incoming proofing proofing machine. Welcome new and old customers and related technical personnel to come to inquire! Website: QQ:2376915482 manager Liu 18262291361
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