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Guangzhou Yetai Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Guangzhou Yetai Textile Co., Ltd. is a high-quality shuttle fabric and dress fabric sales-oriented enterprises, the company is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Dexing Road, convenient traffic here, Dongyong Town with a dyeing and washing plant equipment; Wujiang City has a fabric weaving plant. The company mainly produces high-grade series of men's and women's high-grade men's wear. Noodles (lining) and jacquard, sanding, hanging dyeing tie-dyed fabrics and clothing, the ingredients are: copper ammonia, silk, tencel, rayon, diacetic acid, triacetic acid and other plain, twill, chrome or blended, striped, lifted gold and silver silk fabrics, as well as a variety of density, yarn support series. We can also customize all kinds of yarns and densities for our customers, and have the special advantages of producing small units of medium and high-grade garments. In addition, the company has developed a series of woven fabrics at the request of customers, mainly with a variety of acetic acid and polyester, copper and silk interwoven mainly, this series of products positioned as high-end brand dresses and high-grade women's clothing fabrics, this product in recent years has been high praise and response to the global appeal for environmental protection by high-end clothing brand companies. Advocating the concept of nature. The company's products have stable quality, flexible mechanism, fast response, timely delivery and other advantages, dedicated to your brand service! The company also has a number of professional research and development team, firmly grasp the trend of European, Korean, Japanese and other markets, regularly launched independently developed new models suitable for domestic and foreign markets, the company in a professional unity of the sales team under the active operation of the continuous development of domestic and foreign high-end women's clothing brand market. Guangzhou Yetai Textile Co., Ltd. in line with the concept of "mutual benefit, honesty and innovation", on the basis of strict quality control, constantly push the old and bring forth the new, to provide your brand with efficient and high-quality service
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Addr:       Guangdong Guangzhou Panyu District Bridge South Street Panyu Olympic Park Sunshine Road 15