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Zhejiang Mingtong Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development and application of new materials, new technologies and new products. The main products are: credit card anti-theft fabric; shielding material; conductive fabric; silver fiber; silver fiber fabric; blended anti-radiation fabric; high-grade anti-radiation underwear fabric; knitted silver fiber fabric; anti-radiation fabric; conductive adhesive; hot-melt conductive fabric; conductive fiber; magnetic fiber; high moisture absorption far-infrared fiber fabric; antibacterial far-infrared fiber surface Materials; anti ultraviolet fiber fabric; bamboo charcoal magnetic fiber fabric; negative ion magnetic fiber fabric; bamboo charcoal fiber and so on. The company is committed to the development of high-tech, environmentally friendly textiles, through the global layout, product marketing throughout the world. The latest development of new yarns and fabrics suitable for various fields, the latest trend of foreign fashion and environmental protection concept to customers, and domestic brand clothing companies to work together to create a high-grade corporate image. Br > facing our customers, we are willing to provide quality services: < br > 1, according to customer needs, we will continue to launch new products to meet customer needs.
2, to provide product consultation for customers.
3, to provide relevant technical support for customers.
our aim is: people without me, people have me, mutual benefit and common development. Br > Telephone: 0579-87380748 < br > Mobile Phone: 15858950207 < br > Website:
Welcome all parties to apply for sample or information, and create a better tomorrow!
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