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Hangzhou style boutique clothing market is located at 32 Hanghai Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou. It is an emerging market of "Hanghai Road Garment Street". Its total business area is about 10,000 square meters, and the total number of households is 200. Designers and brands, in the market to set up windows for sales services, the quality of operators is relatively high, while each boss of the employees are relatively high requirements. The < br /> market provides each operator with a good business environment and place to do a good job for them. At the same time, the market effectively regulates the management of each household in accordance with the requirements of the higher authorities concerned, mainly involving the examination of business qualifications (for example, the application for business must be based on the "work permit", "unemployment permit", "family planning certificate" and the "temporary residence permit" of non-local population, etc. to apply for the "entry trading permit"). Compliance with laws and regulations, as well as industrial and commercial, taxation, measurement, price, technical supervision, consumer associations and other aspects of the management requirements. To publicize, guide and help each household to take a healthy path of development, for the prosperity of the entire market economy and meet the needs of consumers to make efforts. In these respects, the administrative departments for Industry and commerce at all levels, as the competent departments in charge of business, have given me great support and help in the market, and have been the heroes of the market construction.
At present, under the guidance of the administrative department for Industry and Commerce in Jianggan District, our market has tried to implement the "management method of scoring bad behavior", which integrates the management of public safety, economic activities, consumer services and other aspects, and has achieved obvious management results. Since its implementation, the operators have constantly corrected the existing bad behavior in time, actively participated in the relevant laws and regulations knowledge training organized by the market, cooperated with and obeyed the management work of the market management department, and the market operation is developing towards a standardized and orderly direction. The main expenses of
operators in market operation are site rent, industrial and commercial management fee, business tax, and other charges such as water and electricity are paid according to their actual usage. The amount of site rent varies according to the location of the environment, the impact of floor differences and the size of business area. From 230,000 to more than 100,000 yuan a year; in terms of business administration fees and business taxes, fixed fees and taxes vary according to the size of their business operations and turnover. Among them, the tax returns for operators registered as "companies" are established according to the actual turnover. At present, the average monthly sales of the operators in our market are about 80,000 yuan (excluding the off-season sales), and the average monthly gross profit is about 10,000 yuan.
most of the employees in the market operation are mainly family management, and also have joint stock business. Apart from the managers who employ experienced personnel, other employees mainly include: recruiting local laid-off women workers (generally under the age of 40), recruiting female workers from other places to work in Hangzhou, and the operators drawn from their own processing plants. The total number of employees recruited by the operators in our market is about 600. Payment of wages and remunerations can be divided into two forms: fixed wages and a commission increase. The average monthly wage is about 1,000 yuan. However, the characteristics of employees in the market are frequent changes in personnel, great mobility of employees, and workers themselves are reluctant to establish long-term labor relations with employers.
From my market point of view, both foreign and local industrial and commercial households are equal in policy and have the same opportunities and competitive development environment. Today, China's socialist economic order is increasingly standardized, I believe that every industrial and commercial household can rely on their own diligence and wisdom to develop. It will contribute to the prosperity of China's market economy.

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