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Guangzhou Huayi Textile Digital Printing Co., Ltd. Brand
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Guangzhou Huayi Textile Digital Printing Co., Ltd. (Huayi Digital Printing) is a newly-established enterprise specializing in digital printing and heat transfer printing of textile fabrics, equipped with international advanced digital printing equipment, select high-quality printing consumables. Product quality is absolutely guaranteed, especially in foreign trade orders. Business scope includes digital printing of various chemical fiber fabrics (clothing designer proofing, personalized clothing printing, personalized home textile printing, all kinds of silk scarves, pillow curtains, bed linen, pillow sleeves, sofa sleeves, personalized wedding textile printing, various indoor and outdoor advertising flags and signs printing, all kinds of imitation print calibration Do, high-grade textile gifts customized, stage special effects clothing printing production, various foreign trade textile printing products digital printing. Products are widely used in apparel, handbags, household textiles, outdoor leisure goods, automotive accessories, non-woven fabrics, photo, handicraft painting, advertising, flag, personalized T-shirt / advertising T-shirt, personalized mouse pad / advertising mouse pad and so on. In this era of personalization, Guangzhou Huayi Digital Printing to provide you with quality service design and demand for a broader space, the company negotiates business size, a square meter printing, but also has the ability to undertake more than 10,000 square meters of large orders. Let customers rest assured! In order to seek a win-win situation, we invite all the major brand fabrics and garment manufacturers to participate in the research cooperation. Because focus is excellent!
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Contact:   Yu Lin Zhi
Addr:       Guangdong, Guangzhou, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Panyu District, 3 Town, No. 1, Shek Tsai Kong Road, second village, Zhong Cun town, Panyu District.