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OK, Ke Quan is OK! Safe travel is the most basic and necessary communication basis for modern people to participate in social activities. Every living creature eager for a better living environment and future goals always pays attention to its own safe way of travel. The rapid development of science and technology has provided a powerful booster for the upgrade of vehicles, and safe travel shows its vigorous charm in line with the trend of the times. Shanghai Kequan Industrial Co., Ltd. is in line with the concept of this service, trying to cast a safe bridge for all sectors of the community, striving to provide a comprehensive attention to travel safety, and solve the best way to travel safety. Whether in our industrial and mining enterprises, highways, or any part of the city highway, there are familiar reflective nails, protruding road signs, deceleration belts, parking locks, traffic guide rods, rubber and plastic and metal warning posts, outlines, traffic mirrors, barriers, water horses, warning belts, buckets, glare boards, and counters. Beacon signs, Lane splitters, traffic signs, sticky marking strips, protective boards, guiding signs, reflective film, reflective cloth, warning lights and so on are our common stage. Similarly, in the institutions, roads, government departments at all levels, we are also striving to provide every piece of safety supplies, screw spirit to play their most trustworthy value. Pile locks, parking locks, sign boards, traffic cones, flags of all colors and flags, railings, guard lines, car stoppers, garbage cans, sign boards, road gates, pavilions, guardrailings, deceleration belts, reflectors, flagpoles, wide-angle mirrors, telescopic doors, yard lights, lawn lights, energy-saving lights, warning lights are even more self-contained Everyone around us is familiar with it. Today's evaluation of a better life is based on a better home. We try to provide an opportunity for everyone who passes by and never misses an opportunity to appreciate it. Let all of us feel that the pace of our lives is quicker with the development of science and technology, but our facilities can keep everyone in high spirits all the time. People with lofty ideals have a relaxing and safe relaxing space. That's ok! Our goal is to build a safe way to travel. That's ok! As long as you approve, you are satisfied, that's OK! It's in it! That's good! That's Asia!
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Contact:   Luo Hai Po
Addr:       Shanghai, Shanghai, Baoshan, Shanghai, Baoshan District, Shanghai Road 4361, building 8, Shanghai 8107 call center industrial base