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Foshan Weng Kai Er Trading Co., Ltd. Brand
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Oncair, a name founded in 1925, has a wealth of experience in the paint, ink and plastics industries. We introduce the world's best instruments and equipment, chemical products such as aging machine, salt spray box, thickness gauge, coating machine, constant temperature and humidity test box, water-based wax, dispersant, polyethylene wax and other products to China, the most professional services to users. We are an expert in the paint and ink industry and can meet the needs of all the customers. Our agents include: Ultraviolet aging test box, imported thickness gauge, ultrasonic thickness gauge, viscosimeter, imported salt mist box, xenon lamp aging machine, aging machine, ultraviolet aging machine, gravure printing verification machine, imported moisture meter, spectrophotometer, imported gloss meter, imported viscosity cup, abrasion meter, abrasion machine, rotary abrasion machine, stiffness Instrument, imported polyethylene wax, imported dispersant, waterborne wax, solid acrylic resin, amino resin, imported emulsifier, solid resin, coater, Paper tape abrasion machine, xenon lamp aging test box, ultraviolet aging machine, imported proofing machine, imported spectrophotometer, small hole gloss meter, imported wire rod, imported viscometer, imported abrasion tester, scratch tester, glass bead, water-borne gloss oil, polyurethane resin, water-borne gloss acrylic resin, Onkel, imported aging machine Coating ink, imported coating machine, imported constant temperature and humidity box, moisture analysis, coating ink, imported hardness tester, anti-scaling agent, viscosity cup, ultraviolet aging tester, wax additives, textile polyurethane resin, rotary wear tester, linear wear tester, thickness tester, five-finger scratch tester, gravure printer, plastic moisture tester Ink friction tester, ink friction test, xenon lamp aging test chamber, moisture tester, spectrophotometer, viscosity cup, viscometer, Stomer viscometer, imported abrasion machine, polyethylene wax, dispersant, emulsifier, automobile testing equipment, circulating corrosion salt spray box, furnace temperature tracker, imported color difference meter, imported color measurement Gauge, metal thickness gauge, imported moisture meter, weather resistance test, scratch tester, Cleveland condenser, import inspection instrument, chemical instrument, chemical testing equipment, automobile testing instrument, automobile testing equipment, fineness plate, cupping instrument, pendulum bar hardness tester, ink wear-resistant, wax emulsion, RCA paper tape, Q-fog, Q-sun, Qct , QUV, Taber, Sheen, RK, Norman Tools, Q-lab Website: Http:// Flagship network
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Contact:   Miss Chen
Addr:       Room 2204, block D, Tongji square, 66 Tongji Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong