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Huzhou pearl power nano material technology development Co., Ltd. Brand
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Zhejiang Huzhou Zhuli Special Fiber Sales Company is a professional sales team of special fibers, under the "Huzhou Zhuli Nano Materials Technology Development Co., Ltd." The company is located in the national science and Technology Park of Fenghuang Development Zone, Huzhou. West Hangzhou-Ningxia Expressway, 104 National Highway, East Lianshen-Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Anhui Expressway, 318 National Highway, the geographical location is superior, traffic is very convenient. The company mainly sells: milk protein fiber, aloe fiber, Pearl fiber, flame retardant fiber, mainly nano-textile technology products. The company's self-developed nano powder material used in the textile field of new technology, is the world's leading. The company has maintained good cooperative relations with Suzhou University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai East China University of Technology and other universities, many of which have declared national patents and obtained patent certificates. At present, the products have been put on the market and have been recognized and purchased by many large-scale textile enterprises and clothing brand manufacturers at home and abroad. The developed products have been successively identified by the national authoritative testing and appraisal agency, and granted authoritative testing reports. Products are widely used in clothing, home textiles and non-woven market. The successful application of nano-powder technology in textile industry is undoubtedly a great promotion to the revitalization and development of China's textile industry. Sincerely welcome the Chinese and foreign textile enterprises and clothing brand enterprises who are willing to cooperate and develop with our company. Let's work together to create a new era of health, build a new healthy concept, create wealth together, and make brilliant achievements.
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Contact:   Jin Guo Chang
Addr:       Seven lucky road 666, Huzhou, Zhejiang