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Shenzhen Sanhong Down Products Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of "based on Guangdong, radiate the whole country, face the world" and insists on providing "the best quality, the best service, the best price" intensive farming market. Zhejiang factories have made continuous progress in technology and innovative styles over the past decade to meet the needs of customers for more, better and more market-oriented products. At present, the main customers we serve are clothing companies, bedding brand companies, etc. Export to the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Denmark, Japan and Hong Kong and other countries and regions, has become one of the most professional down manufacturers in the industry. Current projects are: down, down, down quilt, down pillow, down mattress (down mattress, flying mattress, overhead mattress, down comfort mattress), down cushion, down jacket, down sleeping bag, down quilt (imitation down quilt, imitation down quilt), down pillow (imitation down pillow, imitation down pillow), down mattress (imitation down mattress, imitation down mattress), down mattress (imitation down mattress, imitation down mattress). Comfort cushion, down protective cushion (mattress protective cushion, cotton protective cushion), water-washed duck feather, water-washed goose feather, water-washed duck feather, water-washed goose feather, etc., and silk quilt, silk pillow, wool quilt, wool pillow, functional pillow, cassia seed pillow, aromatic pillow, air-conditioning quilt, spring and autumn quilt, four seasons quilt, mother quilt, hospital quilt and other bedding. Product categories are relatively complete, size, material, packaging and so on can be tailored according to your needs.    We have experienced the growth period of domestic and export sales, the recession period, but also in the future sales channel has a deeper understanding.    Today's consumer demand-oriented trends, as well as personalized demand market environment, to our professional accumulation to provide better opportunities to play.       Company equipment hardware: five sets of washing equipment and twelve sets of wool sorting equipment, more than 600 sets of Japan, Taiwan and other high-end sewing equipment and needle testing, cleaning after-treatment equipment.    Company software: a group of highly skilled and skilled teams (developers and production staff).    With complete hardware and solid technology and years of industry experience, the annual output of feather and down raw materials about 5,000 tons, down products reached 3 million pieces.    Looking forward to the future, Sanhong Down Golden Fly will be based on our business philosophy: let customers "buy happy, make happy, use comfortable."
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Contact:   Liu De Yun
Addr:       Shenzhen, Longgang, Guangdong Longgang District, Pinghu Town, Longgang Town, B, 2 70, New River Road,