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Rui-silk home textile is located in the "hometown of China's silk quilt" - - Tongxiang, the geographical location is superior, is the geographical core of the Yangtze River Delta, with excellent land, sea and air three-dimensional traffic advantages. It is 100 kilometers away from Shanghai, 60 kilometers away from Hangzhou, only 65 kilometers away from Suzhou and only 2 hours away from Ningbo. The transportation is very convenient and the logistics industry is very developed. Rui-silk Home Textile uses the local high-quality "silk" as raw material, focusing on the research and development and production of silk, silk supplies, forming a series of silk, silk series, functional quilt series, creative gifts series of four series of products, and specifically subdivided into silk quilt, silk pillow, silk quilt, silk pillow, silk suite, silk Functional quilt, silk pillowcase and so on. Rui Bo home textiles firmly believe that quality is the absolute principle. Integrity management can create a century old enterprise. At the beginning of its establishment, the enterprise has decided on the purpose of "adhering to the quality, pragmatic and innovative" in the next order is also resolutely to implement the eight-character authentic. On the premise of adhering to the quality, Rui-silk people boldly innovated and broke the rigidity and uniformity of silk quilt. They decomposed silk quilt in the direction of fabric, pattern, printing and dyeing, technology, filling material and so on. They developed 354 sets of product schemes. After layers of screening, they finally chose to "cocoon up". "High-quality silk" made from "Mian" and "Shuanggong Mian" made from "Shuanggong Mian" are used as the main filling materials of silk quilt; pure cotton jacquard is chosen as the main fabric of silk quilt; and "pure cotton jacquard quilt with silk gauze" is chosen as the main technology of silk quilt, matched with 120. Cm or above, so that consumers can supervise and inspect silk quilts in person. Rui-silk home textiles focus on high-quality silk quilt, escort 8 hours of quality sleep every day, and give you a healthy and comfortable sleep.
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