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Shenzhen Juhengcheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates agency, production and processing, wholesale sales of various materials, trademark wash mark materials and deep-processed finished products services. The company has hundreds of large-scale production and processing equipment in various processes, from raw materials to the production of finished products in one step all the process flow in place, greatly improving production efficiency, saving customers valuable time. The company upholds the idea of win-win development and long-term cooperation, and is willing to maintain a good supply and demand relationship with the vast number of new and old customers and supply partners. The company's customers include: aviation, automotive, construction, electronics, clothing and apparel, home accessories, gifts and crafts, daily life, luggage and leather goods, toys, government departments, creative design units, printing and packaging and many other industries. The price and quality of the raw materials and products produced by the company are substantial and affordable. There are nearly 100 kinds and types of raw materials to facilitate customers to choose practical ones. The company's business covers (agency, production, processing, wholesale sales): all kinds of trademark tapes, ribbons (rigid, soft), clothing wash mark materials, Matt ribbon, bar code carbon belt, colored ribbon, cotton fabric, weaving sideband, blank holder belt, hand tear belt, polyester belt, pearlescent belt, blended fabric, non-woven fabric, cotton fabric, polyester sponge cloth. TYVEK TYVEK STRENGTH FIBER MATERIALS IMPORTED FROM U.S. ORIGINAL DUPONT BUFFET PAPER (NON-WOVEN) TYVEK IMPORTED FROM U.S.A., VALLORAN WATERPROOF AND STEAM RESISTANCE CROSS FILM IMPORTED FROM IMPORTED FROM VALLORON, WATER-WATER RESISTANT AND STEARCH FILM FOR CLOTHER CLOTHING, SIKA COPPER PAPER PAPER Service. Convey your sincerity and understand your feelings. Put an end to hurt people's deceit and defuse budding complaints. You sow with my sincere encouragement and support, I return to you for the desired results and efficient and comfortable service! Our values: To be a good friend that customers can trust. To be a reliable and effective assistant for customers. Do customer satisfaction products and services. Friendship is in sincerity, business in communication, action proves everything! Company name: Shenzhen Ju Xiang Cheng Technology Co., Ltd. Company Name:ShenZhen JuXiangCheng Technology Co., Ltd. Office address: T005, block C, new Century Towers, Yantian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Office Address: China Guangdong Shenzhen Yantian New Century Building C No. No. Factory address: Zhang Ge, 7-9 Guanlan Dafu Industrial Zone, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Factory Address: China Dafu Industrial Zone, Guanlan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Zhangge Section7-9. Contact: Zhang Yiyuan (SIR) MOBILE: (86) 13622337550 QQ:2066356615; fax FAX: (86-0755) 33184059 Website:
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Contact:   Zhang Yi Yuan
Addr:       Guangdong Shenzhen Baoan District Shenzhen Guanlan Dafu Industrial Zone Zhang Ge