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Zhuzhou Bright Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern environmental protection enterprise which integrates science, industry and trade. The company specializes in producing and operating non-woven filter cloth and dust filter bag for industrial use with high and new technology as its enterprise characteristics. It provides a variety of high quality needle felt filter materials for flue gas purification and dust recovery in cement plant, steel plant, smelter, refuse incineration plant, biomass power plant, coal-fired power plant, chemical plant and other industries. As well as environmental protection equipment, bag cage skeleton fittings, all kinds of bag filter transformation, air environment control new technology, new technology research and development and promotion, technical advice and service. The company's main products are: dust filter materials, dust cloth bags, bag cage skeleton, dust filter cartridge, warehouse top dust collector, pulse bag type dust collector, desulfurization tower and so on and have passed the GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008 standard quality management system certification, in which three series of products as the core, respectively as follows: There are: Resistance to normal temperature < 130 degrees polyester needle punched felt, polypropylene needle felt filter material series; Resistant to medium temperature < 200 PPS needle felt, metas (numais) needle felt, acrylic needle punched felt material series; High temperature resistant glass fiber composite felt, flumex needle felt, P84 needle felt, PTFE needle felt filter material series; And various kinds of static reactance condensation, coating and coated filter media. The products sell well all over the country and have been well received by users. Bag filter series are: LFEF, CXS series fiberglass bag filter; PPW, PPCS, LPM and LCPM series gas box pulse bag filter; LPPW low pressure long bag pulse precipitator, LP, FGM high concentration, explosion-proof bag filter. LFX optimizes the design of split pulse bag filter. GMC, GMD single machine pulse bag filter and so on more than 10 types, hundreds of specifications. The self-improvement and progress of the bright people in line with the "pragmatic, innovative, unity, hard work" spirit of enterprise, and constantly pursue, sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life, dedicated to providing users with quality products and satisfactory services.
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