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Dongguan Patoria Garment Co., Ltd. ( is a large-scale factory which provides woolen products to all countries in the world. At present, the factory has an area of 50000 square meters, the introduction of large-scale machinery and equipment and scientific management methods. The company has 3,5,7,9,12G flat knitting machine 800 sets, STOLL STORE.SHIMA SEIKI island fine/Sima computer flat knitting machine 150 sets, seam picking machine 456 sets, all kinds of sweaters can be designed, produced and controlled by themselves. To ensure quality, quantity, delivery time, design and timely, rapid production, price more reasonable, annual shipment of up to 10 million pieces. Our products are developing toward advanced, diversified and personalized direction. With innovative and highly competitive incentive mechanism, our company has gathered a large number of outstanding talents. It laid the foundation for the company's sustainable development and sustainable development. At the same time, we welcome customers to place orders, negotiate and cooperate with each other to create a bright future together. Cooperated brands are: BESTSELLER VM, VILA, ONLY, the United States GUESS, MEXX, HANG TEN, South Korea, the domestic Guangzhou Golia. Metersbonwe, Mark Ed Faye, EBASE, JEANSWEST and so on. Dongguan Pago Garments Co., Ltd. Site: No. 78, Xin He road, Lanwei community, Dalang Town, Dongguan. Telegram: 0769-86673629 Chuan Zhen: 0769-83031890 Contact: Mr. 13669879712/, Mr. bear. Company homepage:
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