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Xiamen Xiamen Jiangnan Industrial Products Co., Ltd. is a sole proprietorship enterprise. Founded in December 2001, it is located in Tongan Garden No. 176, Tongan Industrial Concentration Area, Xiamen City, Fujian province. It covers an area of 10000 square meters and a building area of 6000 square meters. There are nearly 100 employees, with an annual output value of about twenty million yuan. We have standard modern office buildings and production plants.

company specializes in foam adhesive products. The company passed ISO 9001:2000 international certification in October 2002, ISO 9001:14001 international certification in September 2008, and many products passed SGS and other environmental protection certification. Br > < br > products are widely used in automotive, air conditioning, color TV, loudspeaker, computer, telephone, facsimile machine, printer, mobile phone, camera, camera and other related machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, packaging industry, with conductive, antistatic, filter sound absorption, dust, insulation, sealing, shock, skid, waterproof, water holding And other functions.

our company has been serving southeast automobile, Panasonic and AOC for a long time. The main products are < br > (1) self-adhesive bonding: < br > bondable materials are foam, cloth, paper, plastic film, etc. The bonded products have excellent weather resistance, temperature resistance - 40 ~200 ~C. Foam will not be stretched after fitting.
(2) Two-sided adhesive and soft body stamping parts: < br > 3M, SONY, NITTO, TESA, VHB, TERAOKA, DIC, SEKISUI and other two-sided adhesive with a variety of soft body after compounding, molding. < br > (3) foamed products: all kinds of polyether, polyester foamed cotton; PU molding products; EPDM, CR, NBR, EVA, PORON, IEPE, XPE, EPE and other rubber, rubber products and silica gel products.
(four) cold and heat setting products: EVA, PU, XPE, EPE and other cold and heat setting products.
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Contact:   Pan Rong Feng
Addr:       Tongan District, Xiamen City, Fujian, China industrial concentration zone 176