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Guangzhou baim Ming Hui Electric Light Source Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
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Guangzhou Baiminghui Light Source Technology Co., Ltd. (founded in 1993) is the general agent of Philips Lighting Special Light Source in China. The company's many years of professional distribution: Philips PHILIPS, Broadway BMH, Japan FUJI, Germany Osram OSRAM, Japan's outstanding USHIO, Olympus OLYMPUS, Japan's EYE, the United States ORC, Perkin Elmer, the United States GE, France's SYLVANIA, Germany's THEIMER, BLV, the United States AMBUS, Hong Kong KANDO, the United States ORC, Perkin Elmer Nikon NIKON, LUXTEL ORC, Toshiba Lighting TOSHIBA, Hitachi HITACHI, HOSOBUCHI, Welch Allyn, OLEC, THEIMER, TEMA, VOLTARC, MORITEX, EXFO, NAIS Panasonic, HAMAMATSU, NEC, Fujineng FUJINON, LKLEICA, USA LUXTEL, Hereaus, Foshan lighting FSL, Nanjing Yangtze River, Beijing scorching sun, Hubei Zhongtian and dozens of countries in the world famous light sources, varieties up to 10,000. Varieties include: halogen bulb, quartz bulb, gas discharge bulb, cold light source bulb, infrared lamp, all kinds of ultraviolet (UVA-UVB-UVC) lamp, mercury lamp, household fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, stage film and television lamp, incandescent lamp, metal halide lamp, xenon lamp, tricolor section. It can light and so on.
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Contact:   Zhou Wen Lian
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