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Zhongchao Environmental Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise specializing in research and development, technology, sales and technical support transfer of ODS alternative technology in the cleaning industry. It has a group of senior engineers and technicians engaged in research and design of environmental ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and actively participates in the State Environmental Protection Administration. On the action of eliminating ODS and protecting ozone layer, through digestion and introduction, we have developed ODS substitution technology adapted to China's national conditions: carbon and hydrogen vacuum cleaning and vacuum drying, water-based vacuum cleaning technology; provided technical support and help for enterprises to eliminate ODS, and carried out technical exchanges and cooperation with colleagues to strengthen and expand the national environmental industry and accelerate its elimination. The ODS process will contribute to the protection of ozone and China's commitment to the world. To protect the environment, revitalize the national cleaning and environmental protection industry, and build our ecological green home, we have actively participated in the activities of eliminating ODS in China's cleaning industry, devoted ourselves to the development and marketing of new cleaning processes and equipment to replace ODS, and devoted ourselves to creating environmental protection, civilization, actively, and purification. The industrial environment. The developed vacuum cleaning and drying equipment can effectively solve the problem of atmospheric pollution caused by freon and trichloroethylene detergent cleaning in China's industrial cleaning industry for decades. In design, it adopts domestic advanced technology, imported famous brand electronic components and raw materials to produce and manufacture. The developed vacuum drying equipment has four series and more than 30 specifications instead of ODS hydrocarbon and pure water cleaning. It uses PLC and industrial computer to control the full automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine displayed on the screen. All the technical specifications are as follows. Domestic industry is leading. High-tech and green environmental protection is always the embodiment of our product's scientific and technological design. "Creating green technology and being a pioneer in environmental protection" will be the goal of our company's pursuit and struggle; in the future, we will meet the domestic cleaning industry's demand for ODS alternative technology, while helping more enterprises to find a suitable ODS alternative clean line for their own conditions. And craftsmanship. We are willing to have sincere people to work together for the development of China's environmental protection cause, promote the revitalization of China's national cleaning industry to make contributions.
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Addr:   [db: province]    Yingbin North Road 502, Qingyun District, Nanchang, Jiangxi