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Foshan Mingle Canopy Co., Ltd., formerly Foshan Mingle Canopy Factory, was founded in 1998, with advanced equipment, with 8 high-temperature thermocouples, multiple high-frequency machines, multiple automatic feeding machines, more than 10 automatic sewing equipment, daily processing capacity of 4000-5000 square PVC coating, in Foshan canvas industry in the lead. The subordinate departments are Ming Yue canvas and Ming Le printing table leather. Mainly engaged in: canvas wholesale, canvas processing, all kinds of canvas, waterproof canvas, coated plastic cloth, wax canvas, silicon cloth, coated plastic canvas, refractory cloth, colored stripe cloth, canvas, exhibition canopy, aluminum alloy expansion canopy and accessories. Our factory has strong technical force. Advanced equipment, complete specifications, adequate supplies, the use of computer analysis processing canvas, let you save heart, time and money. We provide long-term production for many group companies, logistics companies (Xinbang Logistics, Debang Logistics), warehousing terminals. Canvas made of drainpipe, exhaust pipe, air pipe interface is convenient and durable, economical and practical. After a long time of experiments by local technical experts, the canvas has waterproof, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, mildew-proof performance; in addition to covering goods in the cargo yard, automobile canopy, sun shade and rain protection, but also can be used as printing table leather (tableboard glue). It has been widely used and the reaction is quite good. Our factory has ample supply and complete specifications. Sending goods to the Pearl River Delta and even the whole country. Welcome to call for samples, order!
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