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Suzhou Xinxunda Garment Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional sales sewing equipment, sewing machine, sewing machine accessories, sewing machine needle refitting equipment, plant planning and clothing production process solutions to provide one of the distributors. Founded in January 1998, with the focus on the garment industry and sewing equipment industry, in the sewing equipment industry rose rapidly. "Service for development, quality for survival" concept, to provide users with the highest cost-effective, satisfying customer needs of products and services, Xinxunda has always been the same purpose. On the basis of the support of well-known brand suppliers, we provide long-term and high-quality services for a large number of excellent enterprises in garment, textile, hat, footwear, home textile, medical and other fields. In the course of development, the company keeps communicating with suppliers on the principle of "all customer-centered", improves the performance of the products in order to meet the needs of customers, helps factories to solve practical process problems, and provides high-quality spare parts for equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, equipment modification and so on. And energy saving, labor saving and efficiency improving equipment, and constantly improving their ability. As a special agent of Japanese brothers, Taiwan's Fushan, Qiujing, Zhongsen and other sewing machine brands, as well as Japan's Gaobi, Taiwan's Osima, Zhejiang Manx, Shanghai Jiatian, Ningbo Eastman and other outstanding auxiliary equipment brands, we enjoy comprehensive price advantage and technical support with outstanding sales performance. Today, every employee of Xinxunda pursues the concept of "we devote ourselves to service" and innovates unceasingly. With high quality and omni-directional service as the core, customer satisfaction as the life, and customer as the god, Xinxunda dedicates itself to providing you with: the highest cost-effective sewing equipment, auxiliary equipment, high-efficiency automatic refitting equipment, complete varieties of the original factory. Spare parts, accessories and meticulous after-sale service. Automatic intelligent filling machine is a series of products produced and sold independently by TP science and technology. After repeated tests, many patents have been obtained. The equipment has been modified to fill and weigh the pile accurately, automatically, quickly and conveniently complete the filling and filling of the cut piece. The accuracy of each weighing frame can reach 0.2g error; Setting different gram weights (up to a group of 60 grid). Automatic completion of weighing, bag pressing, filling, sealing process; ultrasonic automatic sealing; bag pressing using silica gel material does not hurt hands.
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