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Dongguan Association Yongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. Brand
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Dongguan Xieyongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the largest chemical fiber filament companies, which has a production history of more than ten years. At present, we have the international advanced computer control production line, scientific process design, strict quality management, has passed the international SGS environmental protection certification. The quality of products reaches Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The company's main products are: nylon monofilament (fishing line or transparent line), polyester monofilament, polyester yarn, PE monofilament, PE rope, aluminum platinum filament and nylon filament (70D-1680D), nylon monofilament 20D, 30D glossy, semi-glossy, triangular filament and so on. Products are widely used in weaving, ribbon, trademark, lace, paper mesh, filter cloth, sewing thread, fishing gear, jewelry, toys, embroidery thread, handicrafts, wigs, ropes, wire sleeves, headphone wires and other industries. Its production of fishing silk sewing thread is one of the largest manufacturers in mainland China, has a high market share and reputation. Xie Yongfu Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., in order to facilitate the needs of the mainland customers, has now set up a production plant in Dongguan City. In the future, we will serve you at the fastest speed, the best quality and the lowest price.
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Contact:   Miss Lu
Addr:       Guangdong Dongguan Dong Keng Town, Guangdong Province, Dongguan, Dongguan, Tung Keng town Changan Tanghua step 47