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Zhejiang Anshun chemical fibre Co., Ltd. Brand
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Located in Dongzhou Industrial Function Zone, Fuyang City, Zhejiang Province, the company is a Taiwanese investment enterprise. It was established in November 1994 and put into operation in September 1995. The total number of employees is more than 150. The company mainly produces regenerated polyester staple fibers with specifications of 1.5D~60D. The products are suitable for needle-punched cotton, gum-sprayed cotton, non-gum cotton, sewing and knitting non-woven fabrics, etc. They can be widely used in shoes, automotive interiors, various carpets, sound-absorbing and decorative materials, filter materials, leather base cloth, environmental protection yarns and other industries. Anshun has established a leading market position in the field of differential staple fibers, especially in multi-functional fibers, flame-retardant fibers, needle punched fibers and special fibers for shoes. (1) enterprise's quality and environment policy: Take environmental protection as the cornerstone, abide by the law and discipline, protect the environment, turn corruption into magic. Take customer demand as the goal, honesty and trustworthiness, keep forging ahead and create a brand of regeneration. (2) corporate culture: Fair, just, open, sincere and pragmatic.
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Contact:   CHEN Ye Dan
Addr:       Zhejiang Hangzhou Fuyang Zhejiang Fuyang Dongzhou Industrial Function Zone No. 12 Road