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Shandong Yanzhou Qian Cheng Logistics Storage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shandong Qiancheng Logistics Warehouse Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates research, design, production and manufacture of warehouse shelves, medical shelves and logistics equipment. (formerly: Qian Cheng shelf Shandong metal products factory) Founded in Shanghai in 1993 and established Jiangbei Branch in Shandong in 1999, Qiancheng Logistics Warehousing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was registered in Shandong in 2006. Qiancheng always adheres to the enterprise tenet of quality first and credit first, taking advanced science and technology as the forerunner, relying on broad market, No. We constantly introduce talents and train them. Now we have nearly 100 employees with professional qualities, including 2 senior engineers. Products include heavy storage shelves--beam shelves, through shelves, attic shelves, laneway shelves, cantilever shelves, three-dimensional stores, stacked shelves, side slip shelves, medium storage shelves, light storage shelves, bookshelves, supermarket equipment and more than a dozen types, widely used in pharmaceutical and food, petrochemical, electronic and electrical appliances. Textile, rubber, plastic, stationery, post and telecommunications, auto parts industrial storage, logistics distribution and other industrial units. The company continuously improves product quality, with its excellent quality, unique design, practical function, good corporate image; by the majority of customers praise, products are mainly sold to East China, Central China, North China and other Jiangbei and domestic areas. It is our duty to tailor and serve after-sale service for our customers. Development is the absolute principle! 0537-3666688 3887788
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