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Xiamen Heng He Kang industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Brand
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Enterprise Profile: Xiamen Henghe Kang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Jimei District, the junction of Xinglin Xingxi Road and Xibin Road. Main products are: labor protection supplies series, fire fighting equipment series, security equipment series, packaging materials. The company has set up the Ministry of foreign trade and the domestic market. The main business of the Ministry of foreign trade is the international market business of its own brand "Heng He Kang" series of labor insurance products. The domestic market Department distributes thousands of products at home and abroad. Based on Xiamen, the company radiated the surrounding areas and provided labor and defense supplies for enterprises and institutions. The company has its own warehousing and logistics, sufficient supply to meet customer one-stop procurement needs. Since its inception, Henghe Kang aims to create a "professional safety production comprehensive service provider" to provide customers with hardware and software services. Hardware services: 1. Professional, according to the production characteristics of customers to match the most appropriate labor protection supplies, special requirements tailored. 2. Efficient, Consulting - ordering - distribution - warehousing - settlement of each link is responsible for the efficient completion of the procurement process. 3. All-round, so that inventory is not tight, goods are not missing, business coverage of all light industry, heavy industry, service industries can be purchased here to the required products. Software aspects: 1. Responsibility, according to customer needs, organize professionals to publicize the correct use and maintenance of labor insurance supplies. 2, service, after-sales service without delay, customer problems are limited to solve. 3. Win-win situation. Provide the best products with all our heart, escort the safe production of our customers, that is, manage the development of Henghe Kang with all our heart. "Eternal and quartet". Henghe Kang takes "professional, efficient and comprehensive" as its business philosophy, and "responsibility, service, win-win" as its service purpose to meet visitors from all over the world. The company's main products: labor insurance products, fire fighting equipment, security equipment, packaging materials, traffic signs, hardware accessories and so on.
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Contact:   Mr. Zhu
Addr:       No. 50, Xing Xi Road, Jimei District, Haicang District, Xiamen, Fujian, 120-121