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New Daxiang Shenzhen non-woven bag handbag factory Brand
Business Model
Daxiang service brief: I. scope of operation: Production and sales of bags: non-woven bags, canvas bags, canvas bags, Oxford bags, Oxford bags, advertising gift bags, nylon bags, flannel bags, cotton bags; Two. Service mode: Our company mainly produces custom-made gift bags, environmental protection bags. (1) Production of more than 1000 orders, (2) Sampling charges, Sampling cycle is 3-5 days. (after the printing fee is made, it can serve as a payment). (3) supply cycle: the production cycle is 10-15 days. (4) Producing customized environmental protection bags can press your LOGO or related words on the bags. (5) According to your company's characteristics, we can design and proofing by professional designers until we are satisfied. Three. Payment terms: 30% advance will be paid when the contract is signed. If you need our company's information or samples, please call and someone will send them to you as soon as possible. We win your letter with high quality products, low price and considerate service.
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Contact:   Miss Li
Addr:       Room D609, Yali Pavilion, Xili Road, Xili Town, Nanshan District