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Beth Lil (Hongkong) International Leather Clothing Group Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Bethel, always grasping the pulse of fashion and fashion, infiltrating the true meaning of fashion, deducing a variety of women's amorous feelings. Bethel was founded in 1998. Over the years, Bethel has adopted the most advanced international production equipment, selected the best refined leather, and carefully built the perfect brand. We have the most widely recognized and endorsed in the target market with our unique products. Br < br /> Bethel originated from French style, classic fashion, elegant temperament, tailored for modern women, but also for beautiful and fashionable women to consume. Her product design is unique, fully absorbs the European free and romantic, blends the Eastern implicit elegance, combines the European and American bold style, the work design classical melody, manifests the vigorous spirit of the times, molds the tight fashion, the extraordinary and refined style of dress, Bethel perfect embodiment of female charm, can do the first glance. Shang Meinv.
compared with women's shoes, no one will think you are strange or exaggerated. Because this is a full of beautiful, elegant female elements, not afraid of bright colors, not afraid of shining luster, not afraid of the complexity of the style. What's more, everyone around you is thinking about the same question - how to stand out from the crowd.
Beth Lil, favored by professional women, is the most loved one.

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Contact:   Miss Kuang
Addr:   China  China  No. A7, the first floor of the famous shoe building, East Street, Zhengzhou.