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Dongguan Star Chi sewing equipment Co., Ltd.    No Member

Dongguan Star Chi sewing equipment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Star Chi Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in selling products: high car (341, 8B, 246, 244 and parts sales), computer pattern machine (2010, 2516, 3020, 210D, 5030, 6030) computer synchronous car (0368, 0398), computer flat car (8700/8700D), herringbone car (synchronous herringbone car, high car herringbone car, crank man) Word cart, four needles and six lines herringbone cart, synchronous car (0318, 0302, 0338, 0303 and spare parts sales), trimming machine, roller car, side car, pulling machine, bandaging machine, fastener, multi-needle machine, flat car, flat double needle car, buried box car, side lock machine, forklift 801 and accessories, long arm car, special car, sofa needle car Wholesale.
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Contact:   Mo Feng marriage
Addr:       2013 No. 13, Liang Ping Road, Dongzhang Road, Liaobu