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Oddo Nibo OUHTEU has been dedicated to the pursuit of fashion, in order to strive to create an elegant and fashionable brand personality, the designer MR. VEETERLY PAOL in 1978 launched its fashion series brand "OUHTEU NIBO", product style and international first-line design synchronization, and hand in hand with many high-end brands, for high demand for fashion products. Group, to create the most popular fashion, through active promotion, gradually become the European market young urban upstart fashion pursuit. NIBO brand is the identity symbol, is the soul of fashion and the future, she will use handicraft in industrial manufacturing, aesthetics into professional knowledge, the achievement of a magical touch experience, continuous development of new materials, coupled with the desire for detail softened the line form, will be clear design into a comfortable and pleasant use of feeling. She turned the dream of perfect immortality into reality. In 2007, NIBO, closely following the pulse of world fashion, formally entered China, in line with the interpretation of young lifestyle attitude, leading the design concept of fashionable life, with young people's fashion appeal, gradually become a new favorite of fashion clothing. To create fashion miracle, NIBO is coming all the way. The Earl of Oddo (COUNT Carneider Orlande / Te) Oddo's clothing is proud of Italian clothing experts, and MR. ROBBERT LEE is following the cultural color gene of history. It has always praised the luxury aristocracy, yearned for the artistic realm, and the positive spirit has been affecting the European people's pursuit of its clothing culture. In 1965, in view of her appreciation of Oudu culture, Queen Elizabeth strongly invited MR. ROBBERT LEE to tailor-made clothes for his earl's decoration ceremony. As an Italian designer, MR. ROBBERT LEE did not fail to meet the expectations of the public, and took the Italian Roman "Crusader" as a design concept, blending British style of dress, and introduced them into Europe in the future. In the popular fabrics on the continent, through the symbolic "diamond, cross, printing geometry" and other patterns, with outstanding sewing technology and impeccable handicraft, for a time become the industry and even the European classic clothing legend. In 1967, on the basis of continuous innovation and improvement, Oudu made his clothes popular in the upper class of European society to become a leader, MR. ROBBERT LEE to meet the needs of society, in September of the same year created OUHTEU COUNT series, COUNT series combines European art inspiration, and "diamond, cross, printing geometry" and other patterns. The continuation of the countess continues to precipitate the elegance, and the fabric of the harsh, but also continue to create a luxury style of life philosophy. In 1968, Mr. MR. ROBBERT LEE, the third-generation successor of Oddo, in order to better carry forward Oddo's spirit, set up O.M.T. Group in May of the same year. His 29 brands, including OUHTEU, NIBO, COUNT, KENDY, ALATE, became the real guide of Italian clothing industry. In 1998, COUNT brand successfully entered Asia for the first time, came to Korea and Japan, in 2009, the president of O.M.T. group MR. DANIELA KET through the inspection of the Chinese market, decided to promote the COUNT brand to China, but also decided to continue to cooperate with Guangzhou Oudu Clothing Co., Ltd. to promote the COUNT brand. COUNT is coming to us with elegance, luxury and classic.
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