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Dongguan Dongyi Digital Printing Factory is a professional engaged in all kinds of textile fabric printing, for different fabrics and different products to use the most reasonable and efficient printing solutions. We can quickly and efficiently process all kinds of high quality printing products for you. We have design, development, production and processing capabilities, is a professional commitment to the textile printing industry leading enterprises, rich printing experience and high-quality products so that we enjoy a reputation in the field of textile printing. For example, our factory adopts the most advanced digital printing production system in the world. We can make a sample for customers to confirm before the plate-making production, and then mass-produce large-scale goods in the later period, which greatly reduces the risk of plate-making and shortens the production cycle. Features: No need to open, no color restrictions, no pattern back control, one meter can start to do, printing you want to print. Long-term engaged in various textile products manufacturers, provide printing processing and printing patterns; such as all kinds of polyester, cotton, linen, silk leather and other fabrics.. We have a variety of products printing, all kinds of printing widely used in home: Articles (window screens, sofas, tablecloths, shower curtains, pillowcases, bed sheets, mattresses, bed covers); outdoor leisure supplies (umbrellas, beach chairs, tents); clothing and fabrics (fashion, swimwear, underwear, beach trousers, sportswear, ready-made clothes, skirts); automotive accessories (cushions, cars Seat covers, car curtains, sun shield, hood; other decorative items (photo, wedding photos, crafts, flag hanging) handicraft (ribbon, mouse pad, cup cover, mobile phone cover) and other shoes, toys, hats, bags, gloves, handbags printing. The base paper and ink we use are the most advanced raw materials, printing ink does not contain azo (AZOFREE) and heavy metal components, does not contain harmful allergic substances. Ink, transfer paper and other finished products have been tested by SGS to achieve international quality certification. Excellent quality and beautiful, high precision printing, bright color, fine patterns, colors are quite rich, color fastness level 4 or more. Our company is a long-term partner of many well-known brands; products are exported to Hong Kong, Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe and other regions. We adhering to: integrity and dedication, customer first. Adhere to the quality of survival, innovation and development "as the business purpose. I would like to thank every customer for every opportunity. We look forward to working together with your company to achieve win-win results. Solemn promise: 1 quality is good; 2 efficiency 3 color accurate; 4 speed. Whether we print it from one yard or one million yards, we can solve it for you! Welcome to the sample development order, raw material processing printing, negotiate business and your company leaders to visit in person!
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