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Wolf brothers business management consulting Co., Ltd. since its inception, mainly for growing enterprises. It is committed to providing systematic and professional solutions for the strategic transformation and resource integration of enterprises, and assisting customers to enhance their competitiveness in an all-round way. At present, the company is mainly engaged in enterprise internal training, consultation and guidance, expand training, expand the base of tourism development business. The company in line with the "courage to climb the peak without fear of hardship" education concept of "unity, mutual assistance and win-win" service concept, always adhere to the "thunder attack strong impetus" implementation, high standards, high requirements for the continuous provision of high-end products and programs and services. Training model On the basis of sunshine, passion, challenge, communication and teamwork, team integration.
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Contact:   Huang sword peak
Addr:       Room 1401, building 5, Shang Yuan District, East Lake street, Quanzhou.