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Shanghai Yi Min Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shanghai Yimin Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a technical service-oriented enterprise which integrates R&D, production, sales and service, and is committed to providing professional high-performance valve application solutions.     Aiming at the industry development trend of industrial automation, intelligence and remote control, Yimin has introduced world-class welding, testing equipment and high-precision CNC machine tools. From the initial introduction and imitation of mature foreign products to the development of a series of high-performance valves for the domestic market, Yimin has formed a sound R&D, production, testing and testing. Sales and service processes eventually embarked on the path of self-reliance. Yimin provides high quality valves to many business entities such as petrochemical, metallurgical, water conservancy, construction, fire protection, medicine, electronics, mining, etc. Each customer is Yimin's special customer because they are Yimin's customers.    Since its inception, Yimin has developed to its present scale by listening to customers'opinions and adopting their opinions as a guide for the company to improve its products and services. It is precisely because of customers' needs that Yimin has developed a series of products and established a sound marketing and service network. All of these, Yimin. Will strive to improve it.    All the staff of Yimin will do better in the following products and services, and we will go forward with China's industrial application automation.
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