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Shenzhen Feng Ya Ge Garments Co., Ltd. Brand
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Founded in 2002, Shenzhen Fengyag Garment Co., Ltd. is a modern professional garment enterprise integrating garment research and development, design, production, sales, foreign trade, brand management. After nearly a decade of development, the strength of the company has been strengthened, the scale of production and sales has been expanded, and the popularity and reputation of the company have been continuously improved. With a professional, steady and pragmatic style, Style and Jazz garments have become the outstanding women's garments in Shenzhen and the fashion vane of Chinese women's garments. The company's "Style and Elegance" brand women's clothes, using traditional Chinese embroidery, printing, hand-painted as the design elements, with natural silk, cotton, hemp as the main raw materials, meticulous workmanship, fabrics elegant, focus on texture, and to "knowledge, simplicity, beauty" as the theme of design style, re-originality, emphasis on people-oriented, Pay attention to national culture, disseminate the spirit of the times, integrate traditional Chinese and modern dress culture, perfect combination of decoration and functionality, with a boutique, interpretation of the Oriental fashion, with the style of famous experts, set an example of the industry. "Baojianfeng from the grinding out, plum blossom fragrance from the bitter cold," and "Feng Yage" brand since its inception adhering to the "pragmatic, honest, pioneering, enterprising" business principles, to agency, franchise, direct marketing mode to develop the sales network, constantly expand the sales field and expand new territory, in the fierce competition in the women's wear industry, accurately grasp Market positioning, steady development, has been established in the country more than 20 provincial general agent, more than 200 cities to open franchise stores (counters), and opened more than 50 direct franchise stores (counters), the successful transformation of the market focus on the construction of terminal stores. To our customers, our company carries out the whole process, all-out and all-round technical guidance and cooperation of "Three Completes", establishes and improves the franchise mechanism, scientifically analyzes the market, and carries on the comprehensive evaluation to the agents and franchisees regularly, so as to make the whole brand more standardized, specialized and mature. In the fierce market competition, clothing brands compete with each other. With scientific management, rigorous attitude, people-oriented thinking, standardized production, strict quality control, rapid logistics distribution and other measures, clothing brands are in the torrent. China is going against the trend, forging ahead bravely, making remarkable achievements, increasing market share, brand awareness and reputation, creating a new era of "style and elegance".
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