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Shanghai NGO dress Co., Ltd. (Angie Sami) Brand
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Shanghai Ruge Garment Co., Ltd. is a women's wear enterprise which integrates fashion design, production and sales. Anjishamei Anji women's clothing has absorbed the essence of European Baroque fashion design concept.

The exquisite grasp of the details and the profound understanding of the structure make every work of the Anjishamei brand in the forefront of fashion, leading the fashion trend.

Classic style, noble quality, fashionable style and exquisite handicraft are the soul of the Anjishamei Anjishamei brand. We strive to make everything better, more real and more innovative. Anjishamei Anji has more profound cultural implications.

Honesty: Honesty is the foundation of "anjishamei anjishamei anjishamei" and the foundation of its development. It is the foothold of all our development.

Quality: Quality is the real foundation to support "anjishamei angeshamei" and quality is the solid guarantee for the continuous development of "anjishamei angeshamei".

Value: Observing integrity, pursuing quality and realizing value is the experience path of "anjishamei anjishamei anjishamei" to realize the existence value and brand value of the enterprise, and is also the only way for every employee to realize their own life value in the company.

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Contact:   Miss Chen
Addr:   China  China  Room 3330, The Union Buildings, 350 Wuning Road, Putuo District, Shanghai.