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Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Changshu Jinbai Sheng Knitting Co., Ltd. (formerly Shengdaxin Knitting Factory) is located in Hudong Village, Guli Town, Changshu Southeast Development Zone. Shengdaxin Knitting Factory was founded in 2003, has developed into a standard management, strong financial strength of the production enterprise, and in 2009 on the original basis to create Changshu Jinbaisheng Knitting Co., Ltd. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of middle and top grade knitted garments, toys, environmental protection and decorative fabrics. Nbsp, & nbsp, & nbsp, & nbsp; Changshu Jinbaisheng Knitting and Textile Co., Ltd. after several years of vigorous development, product quality, variety, economic efficiency, technical strength has been strong development, first-class production equipment. Strong technical force, coupled with meticulous management, improve quality, provide customers with high quality knitted fabrics. The main products of the company are as follows: Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & 1), sweat cloth series: sweat cloth, cotton sweat cloth, polyester sweat cloth, cotton spandex sweat cloth, polyurethane sweat cloth, polyester / polyurethane sweat cloth, TR / TC spandex Sweat & nbsp; & nbsp; cloth, Modal spandex sweat cloth, soybean fiber spandex sweat cloth, cotton spandex sweat cloth, bamboo sweat cloth, polyester-cotton spandex sweat clo Large circulation sweatcloth, mercerized small circulation sweatcloth, single color striped sweatcloth, single jacquard sweatcloth, blended yarn dyed sweatcloth, suspended yarn color striped sweatcloth, etc. & nbsp; & nbsp; Nbsp; & nbsp; 2) mesh cloth series / functional fabrics: mesh cloth, bird's eye cloth, honeycomb cloth, pearl mesh cloth, jacquard mesh cloth, polyester mesh cloth, smooth mesh & nbsp; eye cloth, nylon mesh cloth, hexagonal mesh cloth, moisture absorption and sweat discharge mesh cloth, etc. Nbsp; & nbsp; 3) Double-sided series: 30D plain cloth, 50D plain cloth, 75D plain cloth, 100D plain cloth, smooth plain cloth, smooth warp knitted plain cloth, embossed plain cloth, printed plain cloth, gold-stamped plain cloth, silver-stamped plain cloth, plain cloth with low permeability film, low elastic plain cloth, Roman cloth, double-sided jacquard cloth, double-sided ribbed cloth, cotton wool cloth, floor Ladder cloth and so on; Nbsp; & nbsp; 4) towel cloth series: CVC towel cloth, warp knitted towel cloth, & nbsp; double-sided towel cloth, polyester polyamide towel cloth, double-sided warp knitted towel cloth, warp knitted towel cloth, full-terylene towel cloth, warp knitted double-sided cotton polyester towel cloth, etc. Nbsp; & nbsp; 5), composite series (sofa, sports fabric): plain cloth, mesh cloth composite cloth, towel cloth composite cloth, flannel composite cloth, cotton flannel composite cloth, jacquard dense velvet composite cloth, short plush composite cloth;     6), free sunshine clothing: outdoor leisure sportswear, household clothes, blankets.             Jin Bai Sheng's own export business in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other places, has been widely praised. Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Jin Baisheng with & quot; excellence, integrity & quot; for business philosophy, in line with the principle of mutual benefit and common development, develop friendly cooperative relations with colleagues at home and abroad to create a better future.     company website:;       E-mail:;     contacts:   Xie Jian;     contact mode: 13962310668;
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