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Dongguan Xinlong Textile Co., Ltd. ( is located in the third industrial area of Dalang town. Over the past few years, with the concern of all walks of life and the support of our customers, business has been developing rapidly. Xinlong Textile Co., Ltd. with high standards and high positioning, after several years of efforts, the production scale has been expanding, the technical force has gradually emerged, and the sales service has become increasingly perfect. The company has many varieties, complete functions and quick start. Business throughout the country, with more than 300 garment factories, handbag factories, shoes and hats factory to establish a good business relationship. The company implements the computerized management of the whole process of research, production, sales and service, integrates the modern service marketing mode, management concept, improves the overall quality, advocates zero defect service, and wholeheartedly builds the model enterprise of the belt industry. The company's main business: linen, stretch cloth, towel cloth, tinted cloth, chiffon, silk, sandwich mesh cloth, stretch mesh, stretch fabric, silk fabric, chemical fiber fabric, Chiffon fabric, linen fabric, linen fabric, wedding fabric, cotton yarn, 90X88/60 fine cotton, buckle cloth, mesh cloth, tape embroidery, nylon Raising cloth, etc. In line with the principle of quality based on the market, reputation to win the market \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Welcome all the guests to negotiate, sincerely cooperate with our customers, further strengthen economic and trade exchanges, promote the development and prosperity of the knitting industry.
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Contact:   Miss Chen
Addr:       Guangdong Dongguan Dongguan Dalang Town Third Industrial Zone