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Wuxi Yulun special textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Wuxi Yuqi Special Textiles Co., Ltd. is located in southern Jiangsu Province - Wuxi, with advantageous geography and convenient transportation. Our company specializes in the production of fireproof blanket, welding blanket, fireproof cloth, fireproof cloth, fireproof cloth, thermal insulation material aluminum foil cloth and other refractory materials, the main fire-retardant fabric, fire-retardant cloth, supply flame-retardant, coating, functional fabrics, high-temperature silicone tape, double-sided silicone tape, single-sided silicone tape, fire-retardant rain cloth, fire-retardant rain cloth, high-temperature resistance Anti-corrosion rain cloth, thermal insulation fire-proof cloth, hotel special fire-proof cloth, fire-extinguishing blanket, fire-fighting blanket, high silicon oxide cloth, glass fiber cloth, supply of fire-retardant cloth and so on. With advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, the products have complete specifications and stable quality and sell well throughout the country. Since its establishment, our company specializes in the development, production and application of fire protection products. Serving in the electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, post and telecommunications, construction, nuclear industry and other fields, is the Ministry of Chemical Industry, Ministry of Construction, Posts and Telecommunications, Power Corporation recommended product production enterprises.
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Contact:   Xu Dong
Addr:       No. 158, Chuangxin Road, innovation industrial park, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu