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Shandong Tuxiangfang coarse cloth home textile headquarters is located in Jinan, Shandong Province: the production plant is located in the hometown of coarse cloth-mdash; Jinan Shanghe Green Industrial Base Park: 12,000 square meters of looms more than 100; the implementation of production, supply, marketing, storage and transportation of one-stop industrial structure: Shanghe < drum Yangko > and < hand-woven coarse cloth >: as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage Shanghe old coarse cloth traditional textile technology has a long history, cultural heritage for the promotion of national characteristics contributed to the community to promote green consumption and health new concept company developed a series of special products by the society and the market like and fashion fashion < br />. Drum rhyme cloth is made of natural cotton and natural colored cotton with 100% pure cotton. Handmade coarse cloth is green. Healthy, non-polluting, soft and comfortable, breathable, cool in winter and summer, no static electricity. It has strong affinity with skin and natural massage. Points, the skin of the human body to play a role in health and beauty, very suitable for bedding and pajamas and other leisure clothing, is a pure natural green health products. Our main products are: coarse bedding pure cotton shirts; pure cotton fashion women's wear pure cotton household clothing cloth jewelry and other coarse cloth products and contract label and processing business welcome to visit < br />
Tuxiangfang hand-made coarse cloth — mdash; products are: bedding three to seven sets, sheets, bedding cover, pillowcases, pajamas, Tang Dynasty clothes, shirts, short-sleeved shirts, European version of three to four sets, Korean version of four sets, wedding embroidery four sets, luxury four-season blankets, coarse cloth mattress, Hotel bedding, handicraft and other coarse cloth boutique goods, etc. Gifts. Old coarse cloth, also known as old local cloth, is a kind of pure cotton handicraft textile which has been used for thousands of years by the working people for generations. It has rich local flavor and distinct national characteristics. In the current consumption trend of advocating green and returning to nature, it has pure cotton texture, handmade, national patterns, ancient folk crafts and so on. Characteristics are particularly valuable. The weaving process of hand-woven coarse fabrics is very complicated. From cotton-picking and spinning to warp-rolling, elastic-weaving, spinning, threading, sizing and dyeing, chaotic line, falling line, warp line, brushing line, healing, yarn breaking, loom cutting, crane, bolt, weaving, loom and so on, more than 1990 processes can be produced with 22 basic colors. A variety of colorful patterns, can be described as ever-changing, skillful, and each pattern requires different weaving, such as plain weave, skew weave, four-leaf weave, embossing, jacquard. There are many sub-processes in each process, you can imagine how much work a product contains, so it is a good choice to honor parents and give gifts to relatives and friends.

Folk handmade coarse cloth characteristics:

1, green environmental protection: products do not contain any chemical components

2, comfort, itching: no irritation to skin, meet human health requirements

3. Good air permeability

4, antistatic, no pilling

5. Improve sleep; Hand-made coarse cloth contains a unique natural massage point, can increase the body's microcirculation, make the body produce warm effect, regulate nerves, meridians, improve sleep quality.

Shandong Tuxiangfang coarse cloth home textiles - local but not vulgar, local but not coarse, recall nature, catch up with the fashion trend! Having a car and a house is no longer a dream, wealth and dreams & mdash; from our cooperation! Headquarters long-term supply of low-priced goods to franchisee franchisees to maximize profits. Our exclusive personalized alternative bedding benefits. Run is worthy of attention. The company's main products: coarse cloth, coarse cloth bed sheets, coarse cloth gifts, gifts, coarse cloth home textiles, Shandong Tuxiangfang coarse cloth home textiles, Tuxiangfang home textiles, Jinan old coarse cloth, Jinan coarse cloth, coarse cloth clothing, coarse cloth shirts, coarse cloth three-piece sets, gift boxes, bedding series, shirts series, bed linen series!

The company has registered “ Gu Chun ” trademark has become a well-known brand in the pure cotton handicraft industry. Now joined the ranks of China's investment promotion and franchise, looking forward to the country's intentional partners to visit and guide. & ldquo; inherit the ancient civilization, advocate a healthy life & rdquo; for their own responsibility, to & ldquo; benefit society, return to nature & rdquo; for the enterprise concept, strive to create the world's largest pure cotton handwoven well-known brand! Let's work together!

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