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Shanghai Xue Lun Home Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shanghai Sherlon Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a brand operation enterprise dedicated to the hotel home textile e-commerce and product development. Since its inception, the company has become the sole strategic partner in the field of e-commerce for many first-line hotel cloth brands at home and abroad, such as SHLR, Cornxin and Ssissi. The "SHLR", "Cornxin", "Ssissi" brand operated by the company has served more than 3000 four-and-five-star hotels around the world. The products are used by IHG, Starwood, Shanri-la, Marriott and other high-end international hotel groups. Especially "Cornxin" brand is the largest hotel cloth manufacturer in Asia. It has set up 7 regional 35 sales and service agencies and 6 overseas divisions for Rizt-carlton, Fourseasons, Panisula and other luxury hotel imperial bedding products. It has also obtained European Union's "Oeko-tex 100" ecological safety certification, "China Famous Brand" and "China Chi Chi". Famous trademarks and so on. More than 15 million entrepreneurs and business elites sleep with carnations'bedding every month, more than 100 million eat on the elegant tablecloths provided by carnations and grow at a rate of more than 15% a year... Traditional home textiles are only bedding kits and towels, but Sheren's home textiles products line is more abundant, covering towels and bathrooms, catering, bed core category, etc. The Hotel currently widely used down cushions, Hotel bathrobes, towels, etc. will be Sheren's key direction, Sheren will be five-star hotel sleep system It is really introduced into the home textile industry. At the same time, unlike home textiles, which focus on pattern and tone development, Sheren Hotel home textiles pay more attention to the inherent quality and comfort of products. Sheren believes that home textiles should not be a flat visual thing, but should be three-dimensional perceptible, hotel home textiles will be distinguished from traditional home textiles, become a high-end home textile market. New coordinates for the future.
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Contact:   Xu Li Hui
Addr:       No. 8, tie Yun Road, Huaian Economic Development Zone, Huaian District, Huaian, Jiangsu