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Shenzhen Angel Body Shaping Center specializes in selling underwear. Frandear insists on the consistent pioneering spirit and takes the lead in putting forward the revolutionary positioning of underwear: underwear should belong to the category of human technology, and then to the category of underwear. Function is the core feature of body underwear, and technology is the guarantee of function. Therefore, with science and technology as the forerunner, Frandear first established a three-in-one design and development team composed of physicians, ergonomics, designers, a strong comprehensive scientific and technological research team as the backing, in collaboration with the most outstanding research institutions around the world, to apply scientific and technological achievements to product development. The rigorous attitude toward excellence and the scientific approach to work make frandear an advocate brand of combining technology with fashion.
a brand that is making the leader of body underwear. The new storm of China's underwear industry will soon be launched! The < br /> < br /> Frandear bodice subverts the traditional bodice bodice, which aims at breast augmentation, abdominal retraction, slimming, hip lifting and leg trimming by compressing the body. According to the principle of "mobile fat movement", the bodice bodice bodice bodice adopts a gentle and wave-like hierarchical regime based on a variety of technologies and ergonomic designs. The "three-step slow positioning method" of part positioning and hexagonal mesh cloth balanced grid positioning will gradually correct the fat loss, displacement and accumulation, return to the correct position, and be balanced and stereotyped. After proper daily wear, we can achieve the goal of natural adjustment and perfect shape.
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Contact:   Sun Ya Ling
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