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Nanning Maobo Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Nanning City, Guangxi Province, which is an ancient and mysterious hometown of magnificent splendor-Nanguo Green City. The sales center mainly provides the public with road transportation, enterprises and institutions, property parking lots and other special road facilities products, such as car wheel locks, motorcycle wheel locks, remote control parking locks, and hands Lock, rubber deceleration belt, deceleration slope, car stopper, wheel bar, positioner, wheel recoil, square tapered road cone, protective pile, protective fence, isolation fence, elastic column, flexible column, warning column, safety wide angle mirror, road mirror, bending mirror, anti-collision bucket, anti-collision block, protective wall angle, right angle, circular angle, water Horses, pavilions, road gates, signs, triangular warning signs, reflective paste of vehicles, tire breakers, road slopes, blind road bricks, warning lights, (red and white chains, warning chains, guardrail belts, guard lines) anti-glare board, crystal ribbons, anti-theft screws, ring bicycle racks, parking lot marking construction facilities and products. The products are sold to more than 600 main cities all over the country. Products with its practicability, reliability and economy and high quality, low price, high quality service has won the unanimous trust and praise of property developers everywhere. The sales center strives to improve and strengthen the R&D, manufacturing, innovation and sales of traditional industries and combine with e-commerce to provide customers and consumers with the best quality, safest and fastest service. Seamless docking of online and offline services will be provided. Customers can instantly accomplish what you want by clicking a mouse or dialing a phone. Relying on the strong sales network, technology, and talent advantages, the sales center actively pursues the enterprise spirit of "self-improvement, innovation, quality and efficiency", strives for credibility by quality, occupies the market by reputation, and provides high-quality products and satisfactory services for the vast number of users.
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Contact:   Li Po Ting
Addr:       Guangxi Nanning Guangxi Nanning city 35 Baisha Avenue South Garden Mall