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Zhongshan Huili Cotton Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Zhongshan Hui cotton textile products are: double mercerized cotton T-shirts (double mercerized cotton POLO shirts, custom-made golf T-shirts, men's mercerized cotton T-shirts, other high-grade men's t-shirts), double mercerized cotton fabrics (mercerized cotton jacquard, mercerized cotton Pearl cloth, mercerized cotton plain khaki, mercerized cotton double-sided cloth), blended fabrics (Tiansi cotton). Fabric, modal cotton fabric, hemp cotton fabric, etc., mercerized cotton yarn; Zhongshan Huicotton textile is the only textile enterprise in the Pearl River Delta, which integrates yarn, fabric and garment. We control the whole process of the production of textile and garment, so we greatly save the intermediate cost link, and really achieve the lowest cost control. We have a professional documentary to track the production progress and quality of each single, as long as you put the order into effect, the rest will be given to us, we will strictly follow your requirements for customized production. We have a professional QC, and they will check you strictly before shipment. The products you receive are all reassuring products. Our products are mainly high-grade knitted fabrics and men's t-shirts. Yarns are specially purchased from top-grade yarn mills in China. The yarns have good strength, less hairiness and stable quality to ensure the gloss and feel of finished fabrics. In the field of garment making, our garment making technology is based on the technological requirements of the first-line brands in China, showing high-grade one needle one line; in the processing of double mercerized cotton fabrics, we strictly follow the standard of double burning and double mercerizing. We use professional and intimate service for you, if you have purchasing intention, you can ask our business personnel to send the corresponding cloth plate to your company for reference, if it meets your purchasing requirements, you can according to the fabric quality requirements of our coloring can also be small batch production, a piece of cloth (or 80-100 t-shirts) to order, fast, fast, and The cycle is short and the order quantity is low. Our company has always firmly believed in the principle of win-win cooperation - we cooperate with manufacturers mainly domestic high-end men's clothing brands, gift companies, organizations, custom-tailored clothing companies, clothing trading companies. The main products include customers of high-end Mens T-shirts, double mercerized cotton fabrics. Over the past few years, we have accumulated a lot of quality customers, and have also been recognized by customers.
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Contact:   Wang Lian Ping
Addr:       5 floor, block B, global Plaza, Qijiang highway, Shaxi Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong.