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Guangshun Shijia Garment Co., Ltd. is a garment enterprise which integrates design, production, sales and brand operation. It is located in the golden hinterland of Pearl River Delta and the first town of garment, Humen, with developed economy and convenient transportation. Since the company created the brand "Yisheng" in 2000, through years of elaborate building, it has rapidly risen in the field of fashion and leisure clothing. The "Yisheng Sheng" brand is famous for its high-quality fabrics, fashionable styles and excellent ingenuity. Through the integration of resources, strategic planning and brand new image design, the company launched the "Yisheng" new image project in 2005, which is "Yisheng". "Sheng Sheng" brand has laid the foundation for the world's high-end leisure brands. In line with the concept of pragmatism, innovation and humanized management, the company has recruited the enterprise marketing team and the elite in costume design and development. Establish and possess the first-class design and research base of garment industry, always grasp the trend and pulse of the market. The products designed and developed are closely in line with the market demand and fashion trend; Yisheng brand has won the favor of wholesalers in more than thirty large and medium-sized cities and consumers all over the country with its superior quality and fashion without losing its generous design style. Brand is the soul of an enterprise and the cohesion of many factors such as product quality, marketing strategy, market competition and management system. Customer recognition is the best support for our work. The company's existing production base covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. The second workshop is under preparation. There are more than 1,000 employees. They have strong R&D and production capacity of woolen, knitted, woven and jeans products. The daily output of clothing is over 10,000 pieces. In terms of clothing, the products are novel in style, superior in fabric, exquisite in workmanship and green in color. Spring, bright color style is closely related to the fashion trend, always walking in front of the leisure industry. Faced with the fierce competition in the clothing market, the company will unswervingly take the road of brand development, implement brand-driven strategy, and continue to adhere to the franchise mode to continuously expand the market, and strive to build a strong fashion leisure clothing brand. Wholesale Department: Chen Sheng, 1210 west of Dongguan Fumin commercial building, Humen. TEL:86-769-85123961 FAX:86-769-85102178 Factory address: No. three, No. 21, Dongguan, Humen. TEL:86-769-86231618 86231608 FAX:86-769-86231613
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